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Smoldering Easter Candles Caused Landmarked Flatiron Church to Burn

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The 1851 landmark was gutted by a mysterious fire on May 1

Max Touhey

The FDNY has identified the source of the fire that took Flatiron's landmarked Serbian Orthodox Church Cathedral of St. Sava down to its shell. According to the Post, it is indeed still-smoldering Easter candles that sparked the nasty fire that gutted the 160-year-old building.

The FDNY was able to identify evidence that the fire originated in a cardboard box stored under a wooden piece of furniture into which the church's caretaker accidentally distributed still-smoldering candles from that day's Easter service. No charges are expected against the caretaker.

The church's interior including its timber hammerbeam roof, one of the largest examples in New York City, were destroyed in the blaze.

Max Touhey
Max Touhey

Serbian Orthodox Cathedral of St. Sava

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