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Two Senior Affordable Housing Developments Embrace LGBT-Friendly Programming

The developments in Brooklyn and the Bronx will offer specific programs for LGBT seniors

Two of New York City’s future affordable housing buildings, geared towards accommodating the low-income elderly, have announced plans to make the residences more friendly towards gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender seniors.

In partnership with national LGBT advocacy organization Services and Advocacy for GLBT Elders (SAGE), developers of Fort Greene’s proposed 16-story senior housing, Ingersoll Senior Residences, and the 82-unit Bronx building Crotona Senior Residences, will offer LGBT-specific programs, reports the Wall Street Journal. Programs will include Pride Month celebrations and events that highlight notable LGBT writers and artists. Events will be free to both building residents and others living nearby.

The initiative is being launched to provide assistance to a community that continues to struggle with discrimination. "What we repeatedly hear from SAGE constituents is they are afraid to apply for any kind of senior services," stated the CEO of SAGE, Michael Adams, while emphasizing the necessity for such programs.

Both residences will offer housing to both LGBT and non-LGBT seniors age 62 and older. The Ingersoll project is being developed by BFC Partners while HELP USA is charged with developing the Crotona Senior Residences. Both buildings anticipate opening within the next three years.

SAGE, who will provide staff and help operate the centers, plans to discuss the residential programs in detail during a press conference being held today at their Midtown office.