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Quaint West Village Townhouse Billed as ‘Renovator’s Dream’ Asks $6M

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The petite townhouse on West 10th Street dates back to the 1800s

At just 17-feet wide, the townhouse at 232 West 10th Street is about as charming as a 19th-century townhouse can be. Now for sale, the listing for the West Village townhouse calls the petite property a "renovator’s dream," suggesting a single-family conversion for the two-apartment house.

That doesn't necessarily mean out with the old. The townhouse was built in the late 1800’s and still possesses a lot of details from that time, like its nine-inch plank floors, six wood-burning fireplaces, exposed brick and shiplap-reminiscent walls, and harlequin windows. The townhouse, nestled between Bleecker and Hudson streets, is asking $5.975 million.