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Big Reveal: $999K For a Sleek Prospect Heights Condo With a Private Courtyard

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Did you guess correctly?

Among the 15 comments on this week's Pricespotter, only Views4Days guessed the correct asking price for the charming one-bedroom condo at 735 Bergen Street in Prospect Heights. Although board at work said it was "hard to guess," they also came pretty close with $995,000, just $4,000 shy of the listing price. That said, board at work's careful thought and reasoning was spot on: "The ‘bonus room’ is below grade so therefore a "cellar" and not legally available for sleeping. So you get like 400+ ft of living space and then a giant rec room of the same size, plus underground outdoor space, too. Maintenance is not cheap and neither are the taxes. I say $995,000 to avoid the millionaires tax." And lo: $999,000 is just shy of $1 million.

Given the location and all that the apartment offers (let’s not forget that spacious private courtyard), would you say the home is well worth the ask? Let us know in the comments.