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Construction on Hudson River's Controversial Floating Park Halted

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An appellate court ruled for construction at Pier 55 to cease until the case is heard

Construction on the futuristic 2.4-acre floating park at Pier 55 has been halted thanks to an appellate court ordering for work to stop until the case brought against the project is heard in September, reports Crain’s.

The park's opponents, City Club of New York, filed a suit back in June 2015 alleging that the park that's being largely funded by media mogul Barry Diller and Diane von Furstenberg wasn’t launched through the proper channels and as a result didn't undergo a thorough environmental impact study. A Manhattan judge threw that case out, but today the state appellate court issued a preliminary injunction, setting a court date for September.

"This time-wasting and out-of-touch lawsuit is an insult not just to the local community board, which overwhelmingly supports this project, but to the New Yorkers from across the city who will enjoy this park for years to come," stated a spokesman for the Hudson River Park Trust, which is backing the development (obviously.)

The project seemed to be making headway, gaining the necessary approval of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers back in April. Now the park's benefactors and its endorsers must wait through the summer to learn of its fate.

The City Club of New York has two additional lawsuits underway against the proposed project.