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More Transit Headaches Loom as MTA Plans Additional Tunnel Repairs

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The MTA is planning work on the 2, 3, and F train tunnels damaged by Sandy

The MTA is quietly planning work on the 2, 3 and F tunnels that may rival the impending L train shutdown. An MTA rep told Brooklyn Paper that the agency is banking on making repairs to the Hurricane Sandy-damaged tunnels some time in the future.

As with the L, which was also walloped by Sandy, the Clark Street tunnel connecting the 2 and 3 trains to Manhattan, and the Rutgers Street tunnel connecting the F train to the island, flooded severely during the storm. The flooding caused damage to the tracks, signals, ducts, and power and communication cables that now need to be fixed.

BP reports that the MTA will name a contractor for F train tunnel repairs in 2018, but the circumstances surrounding the repairs, like when they'll begin, how long they'll last, and just how badly service will be compromised are not yet known.

Repairs on the 2 and 3 train tunnel will come before the F train tunnel repairs and will only happen on weekends, BP says. A contractor for that work will be named sometime this month.

On the plus side, the tunnels connecting the 2, 3, F, and L to Manhattan are the last of the MTA tunnels that need mending after Sandy, so fingers crossed that Mother Nature doesn't send another mean one to NYC this hurricane season.

[UPDATE: The MTA told Brooklyn Paper that work on the F train tunnel will only occur on weekends.]