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First Look at the 'One57 of Assisted Living Facilities' Coming to Midtown

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Rooms at the private healthcare facility would go for as much as $20,000/month

Earlier this year, developer Hines—the firm behind Jean Nouvel's tower at 53 West 53rd Street, among other properties—announced that it would partner with health care facilitator Welltower to bring a senior housing facility to the site of a former TGI Friday's in Midtown.

Now, per the Wall Street Journal, there are more details on the project, which has been called "the One57 of assisted living facilities"—i.e. very fancy, and very expensive. (Rooms at the facility, which wouldn't be covered by insurance, could go for as much as $20,000 per month.) According to the Journal, the apartments in the Hines facility will be "inspired by classic Park Avenue apartment houses," and many will have their own private terraces.

In theory, New York City is a place where "luxury" senior housing can exist: The city's population of people over age 60 expected to rise to nearly 2 million by 2040. Additionally, developers are banking on the city's generally more affluent population to fill these sorts of facilities. But when you have waitlists of 20,000 for affordable senior housing, or roommate-matching services for seniors who are facing a dearth of affordable options, perhaps $20K/month options aren't the most necessary? Just a thought.