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NYC Grocery Chain D'Agostino Folds Amid Rising Real Estate Pressures

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The independent grocery chain is silently looking to sell remaining stores

After an 84-year run, New York City grocery chain D’Agostino is looking to sell its nine remaining stores, reports the Real Deal. At its peak, the family-owned supermarket operated 26 stores, but over the years, many of the stores shut down, reducing the amount in operation to a single digit. Facing tough competition from chains like Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s, and the many delivery services that continue to pop up, as well as rising rent prices, the family-owned supermarket chain may be ending its independent run after years of struggling.

Key Food is reportedly interested in acquiring the struggling food grocery chain. According to Grub Street, they are already New York City’s largest grocer. D’Agostino’s CEO, Robert James, declined to discuss potential sales to the New York Post.