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MoMA Will Launch Huge Frank Lloyd Wright Exhibit On His 150th Birthday

The museum will mount an anthology celebrating the iconic architect

Today marks the 149th anniversary of Frank Lloyd Wright's birth, and the Museum of Modern Art is celebrating by announcing a massive retrospective of Wright's work, to debut next year on his 150th birthday. The exhibit, " Frank Lloyd Wright at 150: Unpacking the Archive," will dig into the iconic American architect's archives to present an "anthology rather than a comprehensive, monographic presentation of Wright’s work," according to a press release.

In order to do that, the museum will break the exhibit out into 12 different sections looking at key moments and themes in Wright's life and career. One, for example, posits that Wright was one of America's first starchitects, and will feature his appearances in magazines like Time or on TV shows like What's My Line? (Yes, that really happened, and Liberace was one of the other guests—the full episode is on YouTube.)

Another section looks at the Frank Lloyd Wright Archive itself, which is now under the care of MoMA and Columbia University; that part of the exhibit will include a model of three apartment towers that Wright designed in the 1920s, which were planned for the East Village (but, obviously, never came to fruition). Other sections will look at his international inspirations, his thoughts on urbanism, his love for ornamentation, and more.

According to the museum, more than 450 objects from the architect's archive will be on view (including drawings, furniture, models, and scrapbooks), spanning the 1890s to his death in the 1950s. The whole shebang will debut on June 8, 2017—it'll be the perfect way to celebrate Wright's legacy.

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