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NYC's Latest Megamansion For Sale Is a Former Gramercy Missionary

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The East 15th Street buildings are being sold for $19.75 million

Yet another megamansion opportunity is up for grabs — this time it's near Stuyvesant Town. The Missionary Sisters of the Immaculate Heart of Mary are looking to sell their two adjoining buildings at 236 and 238 East 15th Street, the New York Times reports, and the combination is being offered for $19.75 million.

Following megamansion purchases by Sarah Jessica Parker, and an unnamed buyer, both on the same street in the West Village, this is the latest potential megamansion to hit the market. Compass has been contracted to sell the houses, and at first the brokers thought to market it as two separate homes, according to the Times. But the brokers told the paper that they had received far more interest on the property as a single unit. One of the interested buyers who toured the space, wanted to use one of the buildings as an art gallery.

Membership at the Missionary Sisters has dwindled in recent years, and many have relocated to the Bronx. As a result, the sisters decided to sell off their valuable Manhattan property and instead use that money towards their charitable efforts and to support the few remaining nuns that make up the organization. The Sisters acquired the building at 236 in 1948, and expanded to the building at 238 four years later. The latter was home to George Bird Grinnell, the founder of the Audubon Society, who sold the building to the nuns.