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Which Apartment In a Converted West Village Horse Stable Would You Choose?

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The units at 49 Downing Street are very different in look—and price

The renovated horse stable at 49 Downing Street has had its fair share of real-estate coverage over the past few years, particularly concerning its penthouse, once owned by Yoko Ono and (until recently) embroiled in a lawsuit unrelated to the legendary artist. But today, we're looking at two other units in the apartment, both of which just hit the market.

They're quite different in look and price, but we want to know: if money were no obstacle, which one would you choose? Check out the pads below, and then cast your vote.

#G3, $1.5 million

The cheaper of the two units is a two-bedroom duplex that has a thoroughly modern look, with whitewashed brick walls, a kitchen kitted out with metal cabinetry, and a rather colorful bathroom. (The decor also matches the vibe, with a distinctly midcentury feel.) There's also access to the building's shared outdoor space through the master bedroom.

#2A, $2.8 million

There's a $1.3 million price difference between the two apartments and both are two-bedrooms, which is a little weird—this one even has fewer bathrooms—until you take the look of the place into account. It has more historic character, including plenty of preserved brickwork, arched windows, and high ceilings that speak to the house's former use. It also has a better layout, situated all on one floor, with details like a chef's kitchen and a wood-burning fireplace.