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Gowanus Townhouse Comes With Deck, Backyard Pool For $1.65M

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But it's just a few blocks from the Gowanus Canal

We're just a couple weeks away from the start of summer, which probably has many New Yorkers making plans to get close to the water, whether it's a trip to the Rockaways or a day spent laying out next to a pool.

But what if that pool was in your own backyard? Above-ground pools aren't something we see too much of in NYC listings, but this Gowanus townhouse has one—it takes up basically the entire backyard, but there it is. There's also an expansive, bi-level deck that would be perfect for chilling in the summertime.

Granted, the house isn't without its…um, quirks. It's a two-family home with an "owner's duplex" and a top-floor apartment, and from the looks of it, the place hasn't been updated in some time. There aren't many photos to work from—just of the kitchen, bathroom, and that backyard—which could indicate a home that needs a lot of work.

There's also the fact that it's located on Third Avenue and Carroll Street, which is just a couple of blocks from the Gowanus Canal (which probably explains why this is an above-ground pool rather than set into the dirty, dirty ground). So this could be a buyer-beware situation, or a gem for some very intrepid (and strong-stomached) buyer.