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Times Square’s Designated ‘Activity Zones’ Are Becoming a Reality

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The DOT is beginning to section off Crossroads of the World into three areas

Times Square's costumed characters will now have to relegate themselves to a "Designated Activity Zone," within the area following new rules released by the city's Department of Transportation, the New York Daily News reports. Following complaints about negative interactions with costumed characters in the pedestrian plaza section of Times Square, the City Council passed legislation a couple of months ago, that would allow the DOT to section off the plaza into zones.

The DOT decided to create three of them. The "Chill Zone," is where people can "sit, nosh, meditate," and "take in the sights." The "Express Lanes," will allow for unencumbered pedestrian access through the plaza, and "Designated Activity Zones" is where commercial activity is permitted, along with taking photographs, and giving tips.

Paint work to create these areas between 42nd and 47th Streets got underway last night, according to the Daily News.

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