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Big Reveal: $450,000 For a Renovated 1BR With a Rooftop Deck

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Did you guess the asking price?

Guesses ran high for this week's Pricespotter, a gut renovated one-bedroom apartment in Bed-Stuy. The minuscule 500-square-foot abode is at 156 Pulaski Street between Tompkins and Throop avenues, just an 8-minute walk from the Myrtle-Willoughby G train stop and a 16-minute walk to the Myrtle Avenue J/M/Z train stop. The apartment was renovated in 2008, which brought it fancy fixtures like central air and a Nest thermostat. For that, plus a rooftop deck accessed by a quintessential New York spiral staircase, the apartment is asking $450,000. Commenter omarrr hit the ask right on the head, but other guesses strayed up into the mid-$500,000 range.