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Play on Musical Swings at Brookfield Place's Waterfront Plaza

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The installation be accessible free of cost until July 7

Imagine creating music while on a swing set. Montreal-based design firm, Daily tous les jours certainly did, and now they're bringing their creation to Brookfield Place in Battery Park City. Known as, The Swings: An exercise in Musical Collaboration, the installation features a set of ten swings that emit sounds as you swing back and forth on them.

The swings will be installed in the Waterfront Plaza tomorrow, and will be available to use free of cost until July 7 this year. And if you're thinking jarring, unsynchronized sounds, think again. From the installations they've staged so far, it's all calming, classical music-style sounds.

The original installation, known as 21 Balançoires, currently rests in the Quartier des spectacles in Montreal, and the swings there are used 8,500 daily, on average, according to Arts Brookfield, the cultural and art wing of the real estate company, which is organizing the interactive event in New York.

Each of the swings represents one of four different instruments — a piano, guitar, harp or a vibrophone. Daily tous les jours' work focuses on participation in public spaces, and creating interactive installations that encourage people to react to their surroundings.