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Prospect Park's Weed-Eating Goats Get Early Retirement

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After eating through all of their work, the goats will return home until mid-August

The goats at Prospect Park, tasked with eating away weeds and invasive plant species, were so good at their job that they’re now temporarily out of one (h/t DNAinfo).

Introduced to the park in May, the group of eight goats were tasked with munching on unwanted greenery in the northeast section of the park. The plan was to have them graze there for five months but according to a tweet from Prospect Park’s account, the goats will be leaving "due to their voracity" and returning back once their food supply reappears.

Their job was a two-step process: to eat all existing weeds at the park’s Vale of Cashmere first, and then eat any regrowth thereafter, a spokeswoman for the Prospect Park Alliance, explained. As it turned out, the goats powered through step-one so quickly that their job is already done, for now. They will return to their farm upstate and likely be brought back to Prospect Park in the middle of August to chomp their way through step-two.

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