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Sean Lennon's Invasive Tree Is Still the Root of a $10M Lawsuit

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More than 15 months on, the lawsuit over an ailing ailanthus tree drags on

The trials and travails of the not-quite-so-famous never cease to amuse, and in that, perhaps one of the oddest legal cases in the West Village has continued to drag on. In February last year, actress Marisa Tomei’s parents filed a lawsuit against their neighbor, Sean Lennon, the son of John Lennon and Yoko Ono. A 60-foot tall Ailanthus tree on Lennon’s property was making its way on to theirs at 155 West 13th Street, the suit alleged — fast forward some 16-odd months, and that drama still continues, the New York Post reports.

The case will be heard next month, but as it now stands in this $10 million lawsuit, Tomei’s parents — Gary and Addie Tomei, allege that the tree on Lennon’s property has cracked the stoop of their house, located in Greenwich Village’s historic district, and that the roots of the tree have crept into their basement.

Lennon meanwhile, allegedly told the couple that they should get permission from the city’s Landmarks Preservation Commission to remove part of their railing so the tree can survive. The Tomeis, who have lived in the house since 1994, want a judge to order Lennon, who purchased his townhouse in 2008, to remove the ailing tree completely. Lennon’s lawyer however says removing the entire tree is too much of drastic measure. What side do you favor in this rather odd battle? sound away in the comments.