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Gawker Founder Nick Denton Lowers Asking Price of His Soho Rental

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The gossip site founder has taken $1,000 off the asking rent price

Things continue to loop along a downward spiral for Gawker media founder Nick Denton. After losing a lawsuit brought against him and his gossip site by Hulk Hogan in which he was ordered to pay $140 million, with $10 million of that to be paid by Denton personally, the struggling founder can’t even get a taker on the Soho apartment he’s offering as a rental.

Back in May, Denton listed his two-bedroom, two-bathroom Crosby Street abode as a $15,000 a month rental as part of his "downsizing strategy" (he also filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection a short while later for his embattled company). After sitting on the market for over two months, Denton has now shaved the monthly price down to $14,000 for the 2,556-square-foot-condo, reports the Observer.

The apartment is pretty nice, offering 12-foot ceilings, oversized windows, an open chef’s kitchen, and a large living and dining room. It’s also being offered either furnished or unfurnished.

Hopefully Denton’s luck will improve, beginning with him getting his pad rented at its new lower price.