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These Instagram Photos Will Help You Realize That the NYC Subway Isn’t So Bad After All

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Yes, it’s flawed but it’s also just as exciting as the streets above and below

It’s hot, sometimes it’s smelly, and just not the place you want to be on certain summer days, especially during a heatwave. But let’s admit it, there’s something inherently cool about the New York City subway system. Once you get past the constant delays, unbearable crowdedness, and lack of station air conditioning, you’ll see that the culture of it all is so very New York. Our tolerance of it is just another way of showing that we can indeed handle anything—even the rats don’t shake us.

This week, we take a look at some Instagram posts that makes the subway look pretty cool, proving that it’s not all that bad after all, despite all its flaws. The experience will be what you make of it.

Wsiądź do pociągu byle jakiego... #nycsubway

A photo posted by (@ilyavalasiuk) on

In between trains... #newyork #newyorkcity #nyc #manhattan #queensnyc #nyclife #nycpeople #mta #nycsubway

A photo posted by Tom Vega (@visionsdecisionsandrevisions) on

Making friends at 8th Ave L train #freepainting #LTrain #paintingsbyvee #nyc #nysubway #experiment #art #painting

A photo posted by Venus Maldonado (@vee_quinzel) on

I really appreciated the effort here. #subway #nycsubway #ghostbusters #publicserviceannouncement

A photo posted by Jon Between H-town and NY (@htownjonny) on