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The Tallest Tower In Queens Is No Longer, For Now

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Developers are looking to sell the one million square foot assemblage

What was once supposed to be the site of the tallest tower outside of Manhattan will be no more, at least for now. Developers Property Markets Group and the Hakim Organization want to sell their 1 million square foot parcel of land behind the clocktower building in Long Island City, The Real Deal reports [h/t Queensbeans]. Plans here called for a 77-story building standing 914-feet tall and with 800 apartments, making it the tallest building outside of Manhattan when it was announced. That record has since gone to the JDS’ in-development supertall in Downtown Brooklyn. In Queens, a planned 964-foot tower would also have overtaken PMG and Hakim’s building, but that project still seems to be in the planning stages.

It’s not exactly clear why PMG and Hakim are deciding to sell after getting considerably far along into developing the project, but they began buying up these parcels of land towards the end of 2014. They paid a total of $113 million for the sites, and in September last year, they announced plans to divvy up the units equally into condos and rentals. There was an anticipated sellout of $363.2 million, according to TRD, and the project was looking at a 2018 completion date. But for Queens Plaza Park, as the project was officially known, that will no longer be the case.