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Brooklyn Navy Yard's Newest Tenant: Thousands of Crickets

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An innovative cricket farm for survival and gastronomy is coming to the Navy Yard

The Brooklyn Navy Yard has undergone quite the restoration over the last few years. After decades of neglect, the massive site is now or will soon be home to breweries, parks, offices, and even food courts. Now it appears that the Brooklyn Navy Yard is about to take on a whole new kind of clientele.

The Brooklyn Paper reports that the Park Slope-based architecture firm Terraform One is designing an insect farm that will be the "Mack Daddy of cricket-growing processes" and serve as a "super-sanitary way to harvest crickets locally" for consumption. The farms are being built at the Brooklyn Navy Yard and each pod is being sold for $80. Crickets have been pinpointed as a form of sustainable protein for future generations.

While the original concept for this arthropod refuge was an "igloo-esque" shelter for survival situations, Mitchell Joachim of Terraform One realized there may in fact be a market for the hardy insect. According to Brooklyn Paper, the cricket farm can facilitate the breeding of up to 50,000 crickets per week. Unsurprisingly, millennials of Kings County are the target consumers—because, you know, millennials will try anything.