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Actress Lake Bell Wants Twice What She Paid For an 1850s Clinton Hill Townhouse

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The actress and her husband are selling the Brooklyn home for $3 million

Back in 2013, actress Lake Bell and her husband, tattoo artist Scott Cambell, paid $1.55 million for a five-bedroom townhouse on Vanderbilt Avenue in Clinton Hill. Now, three years later, the In a World… director is selling the place for $3 million (h/t 6sqft)—yes, that’s pretty much twice the price they paid for it.

The price jump can most likely be attributed to the fact that Bell gave the place a makeover after buying it. The listings photos aren’t particularly illuminating, but according to the brokerbabble, it was "customized from top to bottom in a truly Brooklyn style," whatever the heck that means.

The home sits within the Wallabout Historic District, and according to the Landmarks Preservation Commission designation, it was built between 1852 and 1853 in the Gothic Revival style (see: gabled roof in the master bedroom, drip moldings that are original to the structure). Bell added some modern touches in alongside those vintage elements, including new tiling, a chef’s kitchen, and custom closets. There’s also a rather lovely backyard, which Bell showed off in a Lonny photoshoot a while back.