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Desolate South Bronx Community Garden Gets a Much-Needed Makeover

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Timberland and GrowNYC partnered up to create a new garden that the neighborhood could enjoy

Outdoor footwear and apparel brand Timberland has partnered up with the non-profit organization GrowNYC to bring about a much needed restoration to one of South Bronx’s communal green spaces. As part Timberland’s five-year plan to create and restore urban green spaces in five different cities, the United We Stand garden in the Mott Haven section of the Bronx has been transformed from a barren space ravaged by fire to a new garden for community members to enjoy.

Brought about through the efforts of more than 100 volunteers, the four gardens at United We Stand were cleared and re-created into one beautiful new community garden that includes planted flowers, picnic tables, new garden beds, and a block-long pathway through the garden from 137th to 138th street.

The 32,000-square-foot remastered space will serve as a much needed gathering hub for the community that has been pretty much underserved for many years.

In addition to creating this great new space, Timberland has set a goal to plant 10 million trees across the nation by 2020.

↓Before the transformation, the space hardly resembled anything like a green garden:

↓Now the garden thrives with plants, trees, benches, and more: