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Brooklyn Heights Library Lawsuit Dismissed, Clearing Way for Redevelopment

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A judge dismissed a motion brought on by community advocates to stop the sale of the site

A State Supreme Court judge will allow developer Hudson Companies to move forward with its controversial plan to demolish the Brooklyn Heights library and put a 36-story condominium building in its place.

According to the Real Deal, Judge Dawn Jimenez-Salta dismissed the lawsuit brought about by community activist group Love Brooklyn Libraries. LBL claimed that the plans for the tower did not thoroughly flesh out its Environmental Impact Statement, adding that the tower would have an overall negative impact. However, the judge ruled that the library wasn’t served a copy of the petition until weeks after the statute of limitations had expired. She dismissed their motion to have the project’s city approvals revoked, denying LBL’s claims that those were "arbitrary and capricious." Unsurprisingly, LBL is already planning to appeal the decision.

Hudson Companies is slated to close the deal this fall with work on Cadman Plaza West beginning shortly thereafter. The plan involves building 134 market-rate condos, 1,000 square feet of retail space, 114 off-site affordable apartments, and space for a new 27,000-square-foot library. During construction, an interim library would be set up at Our Lady of Lebanon Church on Remsen Street, nearby.