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See Streit’s Matzo's Lower East Side Factory Being Dismantled

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The home of the century-old institution is falling to new condos

It’s been just over a month since sales launched for the condos replacing the Lower East Side’s Streit’s Matzo Factory, and as these things go, demo is moving right along at the charming brick building the unleavened bread purveyor called home for a century. Bowery Boogie got a glimpse of the dismantling in a video that’s eerily framed by the Streit’s building marker. The red brick factory is being razed to make way for a 45-condo development with a glass facade designed by Gluck+.

The ownership of Streit’s Matzo Factory announced its plans to sell the building in January 2015 for $30.5 million to Cogswell Realty, who’s now developing 150 Rivington, and hightail it to the matzo capital that is Rockland County, NY. Bowery Boogie notes that an earlier deal to sell the facility in 2008 for $25 million fell through.


150 Rivington St, New York, NY 10002