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‘Subway Deserts’ Are More of a Problem For NYC Than You Think

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An interactive map reveals NYC's subway-starved neighborhoods

An interactive new map designed by Department of City Planning employee Chris Whong illustrates just how grossly disproportioned subway accessibility is across New York City neighborhoods, reports Gothamist.

Last year, Whong decided to draw a map that showed the areas of New York further than 500 meters from a subway station as floating islands just for the thrill of it. He didn’t expect the map to garner as much attention as it did and after receiving constructive criticism from his first project, he has created Subway Deserts v2.

The new and improved map now shows neighborhoods more than a ten minute walk away from subway stops instead of 500 meters since New Yorkers understand minutes better (we’re always in a rush so of course). The map depicts what shouldn’t strike any New Yorker as a surprise: Manhattan is well-serviced aside from the far east and west sides while the majority of Queens, the Bronx, and some parts of Brooklyn (especially Williamsburg) is largely underserved by subway.

According to Whong, the visual might make you a bit more appreciative if you live within close range of the subway. It may also pique your interest in exploring the areas far removed from train stations, as it did for him.

Whong believes that the map is an "open data story" and can assist with obtaining census data among other things.