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NYC Will Gain 50 New Soccer Fields Through $3M Partnership

Underutilized city spaces will be transformed into junior fields

New York City, in partnership with soccer team New York City FC, Adidas, and the U.S. Soccer Foundation, will build 50 junior soccer fields across the five boroughs over the next five years (h/t Crain’s). The $3 million public-private partnership was announced by Mayor Bill de Blasio on Tuesday at the South Bronx’s Millbrook Playground, where the first eight fields are set to be built.

Each of the four sponsors will contribute $750,000 to build fields in underused or dilapidated city-owned property in underserved neighborhoods. According to the New York Times, the city has already identified spaces in public housing projects, schools, and several neglected parks throughout the boroughs where the fields can be installed.

The $3 million will also cover funds for soccer clinics, after-school programs, and maintenance of the fields with the objective of making the sport accessible to nearly 10,000 children while encouraging health, well-being, and social interaction. All good things!