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Enormous Williamsburg Office Complex One Step Closer to Moving Forward

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The full committee is scheduled to vote on Thursday

The New York City Council committees for zoning and land use have approved a special permit that would allow an enormous office complex in Williamsburg, at 25 Kent Avenue, to move forward, reports the Real Deal. The permit allows developers Heritage Equity Partners and Rubenstein Partners to build the 480,000 square foot development and replace the community space requirement with light manufacturing.

The city recently sought approval to rezone the 14 blocks surrounding 25 Kent Avenue to allow for more office and retail space in the neighborhood without having to create community space, but that planned was nixed by the City Planning Commission.

If the complex does manifest, it will be made up of 60,000 square feet for light manufacturing, with the remaining 340,000 square feet being utilized as office space. The full council is scheduled to vote on the project this Thursday.