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Donald Trump's Unmistakable Swoopy Hair Recreated as Hut in Red Hook

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Yep, you read that right.

A rather large structure resembling a presidential candidate appeared in Red Hook this past Sunday — to be precise, a structure resembling his unmistakable golden head of hair. It was courtesy of two employees at a creative advertising firm who created a hut that they call "Trump Hut," that’s made out of 98 hula skirts and a wooden frame, DNAinfo reports (h/t Guardian).

The eye-grabbing and rather spacious (it fits four chairs and a rug) hut was created as part of an art show organized by a real estate company. Artists were given prompts of "gentrification," "air rights," and "development," to create their final pieces. Douglas Cameron and Tommy Noonan made the "Trump Hut."

"Let's create a wigwam protesting hut out of Donald Trump's hair," Noonan told DNAinfo, about his thought process behind the creation. The ingenious creation’s appearance was short lived however. It was only displayed on Van Brunt Street in Red Hook on Sunday, and is now back in storage.

But, it’s not over yet. The creators are looking to launch a Kickstarter campaign to place similar huts throughout the country as a means to create conversation about the controversial figure.