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Glamping Hits Manhattan With Outrageous $2,000/Night Hotel Suite

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The W Hotel New York has unveiled a “glamping” suite complete with yurt

Glamping, one of the most cringe-worthy trends of 2014, is apparently still a thing. The movement of camping for people who don’t really like to camp has come to Manhattan with the Lexington Avenue W Hotel’s "Extreme Wow Outdoor Glamping Suite." To sum it up, the suite is a hotel room with a terrace designed by Laurel & Wolf and decked out with astroturf, a yurt, and some fancy lights. A press release elaborates,

The Outdoor Glamping Suite at W New York features dreamy nods to camping: a 12-foot yurt bedecked in a kaleidoscope of fabrics and textures, glowing lanterns, rattan hanging chairs and a fire pit that lights up with a flip of a switch. A canopy of twinkling café lights surrounds the yurt, the central element of the rustic-luxe oasis. With sweeping skyline views on the 17th floor, the Outdoor Glamping Suite will be available for guests to book from July 13th, 2016 through November 2016.

Let’s not belabor the point that this isn’t even glamping, which generally happens in some kind of wilderness, nor is glamping even camping. But this is a boon for those Manhattanites who, like on that episode of Sex and the City, believe there’s no world beyond their island. To reward that stubbornness, rates for the suite start at $2,000/night.