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East Williamsburg Rental Will Bring 20 Apartments to the Area

Apartments here will average close to 700 square feet

A seven-story rental building that’s currently under construction in East Wiliamsburg is racing towards completion, and YIMBY has scored a new rendering for the project. Located at the intersection of Bushwick Avenue and Powers Street, the structure will comprise of 20 apartments each averaging a relatively small 682 square feet.

The project came about after developer Joel Kohn picked up two adjacent lots for $4.65 million last year. The structure’s steel frame is already in place, and facade work is currently taking place at the site.

Very little is known about the building otherwise except that it’s being designed by Input Creative Studio, and will have space for 10 bikes in the cellar level storage area. The project is just another indication of the concrete and glass buildings replacing the the low-rise brick buildings that make up that part of Bushwick Avenue.