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Upper East Side Will Get a 33-Story Cantilevered Condo

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Longtime neighborhood establishment Finnegan’s Wake will have to relocate as a result of it

The Upper East Side’s development boom keeps on keepin’ on. The latest development to join the fold is a 33-story condo building set to rise at the intersection of East 73rd Street and First Avenue, the New York Post reports. But the apartment building will spell doom for longtime neighborhood establishment, Finnegan’s Wake, an Irish pub and restaurant that’s located in one of the buildings that will be demolished to make way for the new condo.

The project came about after a development partnership led by CW Realty purchased two buildings on First Avenue this year. The first is at 1361 First Avenue, where Finnegan’s Wake has been the ground floor retail tenant for 40 years, and the second building is at 1363 First Avenue. Residential tenants in both buildings will relocate, as will Finnegan’s Wake to an as yet to be determined location.

In addition, the developers have also purchased air rights from the buildings at 1369 and 1371 First Avenue. Once complete, the HTO Architects-designed tower will cantilever over the building at 1365 First Avenue. It’s the latest new condo announcement for the neighborhood following news of a 15-story condo coming to 27 East 79th Street.