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NYC and Shanghai Partner Up to Promote City-to-City Tourism

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A two-year partnership will encourage travel between New York and Shanghai

New York City and Shanghai have agreed to a two-year partnership that will work towards increasing international travel and tourism between the two cities, reports the Wall Street Journal.

The alliance between New York and China is the first of its kind, with the hope being that it will prove mutually beneficial for tourism in both places. It also comes following a dramatic increase in tourism to both cities over the past few years. For instance, WSJ reports that travelers from China to New York have increased sevenfold from 2007, putting them in third place for the most amount of visitors traveling to NYC.

The partnership will be promoted through a series of advertisements in both Shanghai and New York City’s transportation systems as well as through collaborations with airlines, hotels, and other service providers. New York City officials want to get travelers in all five boroughs, and plan to highlight attractions like the Brooklyn Bridge, Bronx Zoo, and Unisphere in Queens. The signboards will run in four Shanghai subway stations from June 14th through August 11th and on bus shelters in New York for four weeks beginning in September.

City tourism agency NYC & Company has elected acclaimed pianist Lang Lang, who's from China, as the city’s cultural ambassador (but no, he's not replacing Taylor Swift in her role as the city's lol-worthy "global ambassador").