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Where’s Your Favorite Place to Beat the Heat in NYC?

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Man, it’s a hot one. Temperatures are expected to hit the mid-90s today, with the city issuing a heat advisory until 7 p.m. today. What does that mean, exactly? That you should "stay cool, go to a place that has air conditioning if it is not available at home, drink water at regular intervals, and limit strenuous activity."

We’ve got you covered on the first one, at least, with this list of places throughout the city that offer free air conditioning—public plazas, free cultural institutions, and the like. But there are surely other places that people like to go to cool down in the five boroughs, and we want to hear about ‘em. Do you go to the beach? Is there a particular subway line that has the coldest cars? Or a corner of your favorite museum that turns the A/C on full blast? We want to hear about it—sound off in the comments below. (And these spots don’t need to be free; they just need to be cold.)