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Parker Posey’s Lovely Village Co-op Sells In Less Than 2 Months

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The indie film queen listed her apartment in May for $1.45 million

Celebrated actress Parker Posey listed her petite Fifth Avenue co-op in May, and the Observer reports that the 850-square-foot apartment is already in contract. It probably didn’t hurt that Posey, who appeared in early 2000’s mockumentary Best In Show and in Woody Allen’s newest flick Café Society, appeared in the listing pictures with her pooch, a Bichon Frise named Gracie.

Posey picked up the apartment at 30 Fifth Avenue at West 10th Street for $1.35 million, and relisted it for just $10,000 more this year. It’s a corner apartment facing north and east, with views to the lovely Church of the Ascension just up the block.

The apartment is not sparse on enviable details, with its beamed ceilings, original wood floors, custom built-ins, and several walk-in closets. With such a quick turnaround on the listings, it’s safe to assume that the apartment went at its full ask of $1.45 million, or more.