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Instagram pics that prove Pokemon Go has taken over NYC

And so the craze continues...

For the past week or so, Pokemon Go has changed the world as we know it, especially in New York City. We’ve heard stories of people walking into ponds, real estate agents using Pokemon Go to lure visitors, and the NYPD issuing safety guidelines as people walk around with their eyes glued to their phones trying to catch ‘em all. With no end in sight to the Pokemon Go madness, we’ve rounded up a few Instagram pics that show the craze in full swing as folks make their way to lures, Pokestops, gyms, and any place imaginable looking to catch those rare Pokemon creatures. We’ve created this handy map of some great public places to catch Pokemon in NYC and encourage you to leave us a tip in the comments section if there’s any cool places that we’ve missed. Remember to always play responsibly, stay aware of your surroundings, and never compromise your safety in an attempt to move ahead in a game.

#pokemongonyc cherry blossoms everywhere #teammystic #pokemongo

A photo posted by mauzaid (@mauzaid) on

FINALLY!!! The little yellow mouse I've been looking for! I got #pikachu! #pokemongo #pokemongonyc #NYC #summertime

A photo posted by Jordan Carson (@jordanmcarson) on

"We're on level 10!" #PokemonGoNYC #PokemonGo #NYC #midtown #photography

A photo posted by Catch Em All NYC (@catchemallnyc) on

A family of PokemonGo trainers. #CatchEmAllNYC #PokemonGoNYC #PokemonGo #photography #NYC

A photo posted by Catch Em All NYC (@catchemallnyc) on

Got #Meowth from #TeamRocket on the #ManhattanBridge. #pokemongo #pokemongonyc #NYC @pokemon @pokenyc

A photo posted by Jordan Carson (@jordanmcarson) on

"I missed the Central Park event yesterday!" #pokemonGoNYC #pokemonGo #photography #CatchEmAllNYC #NYC

A photo posted by Catch Em All NYC (@catchemallnyc) on

"Do you guys know what time it is? It's Showtime!" #pokemongonyc

A photo posted by Pokemon of New York (@pokemonofnyc) on

Found this guy in Times Square .!

A photo posted by @pokemongo__nyc on