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LaGuardia Airport Revamp Price Tag Could Rise to $8B

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The revamp includes new terminals, expanded roadways, and better public transit

Getting a 21st-century airport was never going to be cheap, but the total cost of renovating LaGuardia Airport is now going to come in at a whopping $8 billion. According to the Real Deal, the increase was noted in an agenda released by the Port Authority, and is part of the redevelopment of Terminals C and D. That was originally estimated to cost around $3 billion, but will now rise by $1 billion. Add that to the redevelopment of Terminal B and the airport’s entry hall, which is projected to come in at $4.2 billion, and you’ve got one pricey project.

The redevelopment project, which has been called the "nation’s largest public-private partnership," includes the complete overhaul of Terminals B, C, and D (the latter two are operated by Delta, which is "in the early stages of designing the new terminals," per TRD); a central entry hall for all terminals; a new network of roadways and an expanded parking garage; and "new utilities, runway improvements, and other supporting infrastructure," according to Governor Cuomo’s office.

This isn’t the first time the budget for this project has gone up: When the redevelopment was initially announced in 2015, it was projected to come in at an even $4 billion, which was more than an initial estimate of $3.6 billion; it then increased by about $200 million earlier this year. And given the track record of similar enormous infrastructure projects, most notably the World Trade Center Transportation Hub (the cost of which doubled over time), we wouldn’t be surprised if more price hikes happen before the airport begins rolling its new parts out in 2018.

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