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Meatpacking's Restoration Hardware Flagship Is Way Bigger Than Zoning Allows

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The site only allows for 10,000 square feet of development

Troubles continue to rack up for developer Aurora Capital Associates at the site of a planned Restoration Hardware store in the meatpacking district. The city’s Department of Buildings issued a letter to the developer saying it may have to revoke construction permits because the project is far bigger than the allowed usage on the site, DNAinfo reports.

The site, located at 9-19 Ninth Avenue, allows for 10,000 square feet of development. The Restoration Hardware flagship store however is expected to span 58,659 square well — more than five times the allowed size.

The DOB hasn’t revoked the permit yet or issued a stop work order on the site as the problem isn’t with the construction itself but the scope of the project, according to DNAinfo. Additionally, the developer has entered into discussions with the DOB to resolve the problem, but if it backs out of those, the permits will be revoked immediately.

Just last month, the construction company formerly working on the site, Harco Construction, was charged with manslaughter for the death of a construction worker at the site the previous year. The judge ordered the company to pay for worker safety related public announcements, but just last week it was revealed that the company refused to do so saying they weren’t responsible for the death, and that it was the sub-contractor’s fault. The latter is still awaiting trial.

The planned flagship store replaced the beloved Pastis restaurant located, and Restoration Hardware is also planning a restaurant and hotel nearby.