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First Look at Williamsburg Church's Righteous Residential Neighbor

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The 19-story tower must abide by an unusual set of demands

As many nonprofits have in the past, Williamsburg’s Saint Peter and Paul Church at 321 Wythe Avenue on South 2nd Street cut a deal with a developer in September to lease one of its buildings and its parking lot for $2.1 million per year for the next several decades. Unlike many nonprofits, this deal came with certain stipulations governing the site’s use (namely, nothing associated with stem cells or abortion) despite developer Watermark Capital Group’s insistence that the building would be apartments. Now there’s a first look at what’s coming to the site (h/t 6sqft).

Designed by Nataliya Donskoy’s ND Architecture, the 19-story building will rival northern Williamsburg’s The William Vale Hotel in height, which stands 21 stories and 250 feet. Per renderings provided to Curbed, it looks like the residential portion of the building will rest on stilts over its podium, which will have a 92-car parking garage and a 5,218-square-foot health care facility. Several building cutbacks will provide outdoor space for building residents. The residential portion of the building will cover 98,653 square feet.