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Mott Haven Waterfront Once Destined For Park Will Get Affordable Housing

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The city has scrapped a plan for parkland for further development

Long neglected by New York City developers, the South Bronx is becoming an area of increased focus for future construction of both buildings and neighborhood amenities. Since 2009, talks have been on the table for the conversion of a large, empty swath of land abutting the Harlem River from 138th to 149th streets into a publicly accessible waterfront park. While the city opened the much needed Mill Creek Park in 2009, Welcome2theBronx reports that close to four acres of public land slated for recreational use will now be zoned to contain at least two towers rising above 20 stories.

According to DNAInfo, the city is looking for a developer to construct an affordable housing project that will include both commercial and and community space. Although the president of the New York City Economic Development Corporation has stated that the development of the vacant land will "create new affordable housing options" while "giving residents of the South Bronx much-needed access to their waterfront," this altering of land use does raise certain ethical quandaries.

As noted by Welcome2theBronx, the proposed development area is listed as part of NYC Parks. Considering that the South Bronx is deficient in terms of green space, the construction of sorely needed affordable housing has the potential to starve Mott Haven of much needed parkland.