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Ellis Island Remembered In Street Art on a Tribeca Condo Site

A new 95-foot tall piece of street art memorializes a significant NYC legacy

Ahead of the rise of their eight-story sliver of condos on Tribeca’s Franklin Street, developer DDG has tapped French street artist JR to bring a little bit of street art to the site at 100 Franklin Street. The installation is a 95- by 88-foot copy of a 1908 photograph taken on Ellis Island, through which immigrants first passed on their way into the country. The installation is a snippet of the Parisian street artist’s exhibition "Unframed Ellis Island," which also includes a short film featuring Robert De Niro. The installation will be on display through August. The installation was made possible through the DDG Foundation.

The site, a former parking lot, will eventually give way to the developer’s six- and eight-story building with ten condos, each reportedly asking2 about $3,000 per square foot.