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South Bronx Supportive Housing Development Opens Its Doors to Residents

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Breaking Ground’s Boston Road development has 154 affordable units

Last year, Mayor Bill de Blasio committed to creating 15,000 units of supportive housing—affordable apartments that also offers services like mental-health care or substance abuse programs—as part of his larger plan for increasing the amount of low-cost housing throughout the city.

And today, one development that’s helping the mayor reach that goal officially opens its doors: Boston Road, located in the South Bronx, has 154 affordable apartments that are set aside for New Yorkers who were formerly homeless, as well as seniors, those living with HIV/AIDS, and MediCaid users.

The building was developed by Breaking Ground (formerly known as Common Ground), an organization that has created more than a dozen affordable and supportive developments in NYC and beyond. And like their other buildings, Boston Road was designed by a well-known architect: Alexander Gorlin Architects, whose work includes the prefabricated housing at East New York’s Nehemiah Spring Creek development (among other buildings), designed Boston Road with the goal of putting "equal emphasis on private rooms and communal spaces." There are plenty of spots where residents can gather—an exercise room, roof patio, and a garden, among others—in addition to the 154 apartments.

The building is also part of New York state’s Medicaid Redesign program, whose goal is to provide "stable, affordable housing with on-site support" as a means of lowering health-care costs. Check out photos of the building below.