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‘America’s Next Top Model’ May Be Filming (And Bugging Neighbors) In an UWS Townhouse

Neighbors have reported sights of a mini catwalk in the backyard of the six-bedroom, eight-bathroom home

Last year, after 16 seasons and 22 cycles, Tyra Banks’ highly successfully reality show America’s Next Top Model aired what was to be its final episode, leaving aspiring models and show hopefuls confounded. But alas, all may not be lost as the West Side Rag reports that the show may be making a revival and is possibly being filmed in an Upper West Side townhouse.

According to the WSR, neighbors of the long-time vacant luxury townhouse at 51 West 83rd Street noticed commotion on Saturday night in the townhouse’s backyard, prompting them to think that someone finally purchased the pad. But when the noise got even louder the following night, they weren’t all too thrilled and demanded to know what was going on. That’s when a production team explained that a "reality show" was being filmed. Though producers wouldn’t confirm what show was being filmed, an owner of the two adjacent townhouses claims that it’s definitely ANTM, citing that he even rented office space to the show’s production team until August 30th. Concrete confirmation would’ve been a glimpse of Tyra Banks herself but she reportedly won’t be hosting the show, passing the torch along to singer and actress Rita Ora.

Neighbors also reported sights of a mini catwalk in the backyard of the six-bedroom, eight-bathroom home. The house, reportedly built in 1901 sat on the market for 223 days, according to StreetEasy, and maintained its asking price of $14.8 million. The expansive home features over 6,300-square-feet of space spread across five floors, a hydraulic elevator, two gas fireplaces, two levels of garden space, and many more lovely amenities. Hopefully the show’s young cast will keep the place in tact.