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Notorious Park Slope Landlord Defaults on Buyouts For Holdout Seniors

It’s the latest in a long series of missteps

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The notorious landlord of the Park Slope senior assisted living facility, Prospect Park Residence, may just have added to his notoriety. In May this year, Haysha Deitsch agreed to settle with the five remaining tenants for $3.35 million, but now it appears Deitsch has defaulted on that payment, the New York Post reports.

The landlord had agreed to pay the tenants a $3.1 million lump sum, but has so far only managed to cough up $250,000, paid over two installments. A lawyer for Deitsch blamed the developers, Sugar Hill Partners, for not moving forward on the sale of the property — something they agreed to two years ago. That would generate $76 million, and help him pay of his dues.

The Post goes into detail describing a verbal jousting session between lawyers representing Deitsch and those representing Sugar Hill Partners that took place in court on Monday.

Residents at the home, who had until August 31 this year to move out, were not too concerned. For everyday that Deistsch fails to make the lump sum payment, residents get to stay on an extra day.

UPDATE: A representative for Sugar Hill issued the following statement:

"It has always been and continues to be Sugar Hill's intention to acquire the building. Sugar Hill's goal is for all parties to come to resolution and we are working diligently toward that."