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MTA to Pokemon Go-Obsessed Commuters: Chill Out and Be Safe

A new sign in the subway uses Pikachu to make a point about playing Pokemon Go safely

Despite all the ways in which people have managed to injure themselves or otherwise look silly by playing Pokemon Gofalling into the lake at Prospect Park, or swarming Central Park to catch a rare Vaporeon, and the like—so far there haven’t been any reports of subway accidents caused by the game. But that hasn’t stopped the MTA from warning players of the potential dangers of Pokemon’ing while underground … which are basically the same as the safety tips the MTA issues for everyone riding the train. Namely: don’t, like, fall onto the tracks when you’re trying to catch a Pokemon. A Reddit user spotted the advertisement below (h/t Gothamist), warning players to stay behind the yellow line.

And the MTA’s graphic designers took it one step further, putting the most iconic Pokemon—Pikachu, of course—on the subway tracks, like some kind of monsters who want to the little yellow guy get harmed. But hey, it’s a good reminder that you should be careful while you Pokemon, so that’s something.

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