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How Much For a Cozy Fort Greene Co-op In a Historic Building?

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Can you guess the asking price of this small one-bedroom?

Pricespotter is Curbed's pricing guessing game. How much do you think this place is asking? Drop your guess in the comments, and remember, no cheating!

What/Where: 1BR/1BA co-op in Fort Greene

Square Footage: Approximately 485

Maintenance: $432

There are boths pros and cons to this cozy (re: small) one-bedroom co-op in Fort Greene. On the pro side of things, it has an unbeatable location—without giving too much away, it’s only a block or so from Fort Greene Park—and features that are original to the landmark building it’s located in, including casement windows. On the con side, it’s small—like, less than 500 square feet small—and the bedroom is not an optimal size. But it does overlook a secluded garden that’s shared by the building’s residents, and the maintenance is relatively low. So knowing that, how much do you think it’s asking?