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Red Hook Ferry Service Will Officially Land at Atlantic Basin

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City’s fast-growing ferry system to expand to Red Hook

So Red Hook is getting its ferry dock after all: The Mayor’s Office just announced that Atlantic Basin, on the westernmost side of the Brooklyn neighborhood, will get the Red Hook Ferry Landing that’s expected to launch in 2017. While other sites such as the Eerie Basin and Valentino Park were considered for the new stop, two major considerations guided it towards the Atlantic Basin. First, the station itself may lead to an increase air pollution which makes the Atlantic Basin suitable as it is separated from any residential area. Second, the site is the only one completely owned by the city.

Considering Red Hook’s relative isolation from New York’s public transportation network, the introduction of ferry service could potentially serve over 6,000 residents close to the landing—a small number, to be fair, but also one that’s meaningful in the transit-starved neighborhood. Once it launches, the ferry service will connect to neighborhoods like Astoria and the Rockaways.

According to Assembly Member Jo Anne Simon, the Atlantic Basin ferry station "will enable thousands of commuters to have easy, sustainable access to locations in Brooklyn and lower Manhattan," providing employment opportunities to Red Hook residents and a potential boon to local businesses.

The harbor itself is estimated provide at least 155 new jobs, with crew members earning at least $15 per hour along with benefits. With many of the city’s NYCHA developments lying on New York’s waterfront, more than 15,000 families in said housing will have more extensive access to the five boroughs. Additionally, the new ferry service is priced competitively with the MTA, costing only $2.75 a trip.