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Bjarke Ingels's Tetrahedron Gets A Massive Sculpture Inspired by the Hudson

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Artist Stephen Glassman has created an eight-story sculpture at Via’s entrance

By Max Touhey

The Bjarke Ingels-designed tetrahedron, Via 57 West is already a unique addition to the New York City skyline, but for the developers of the building, The Durst Organization, that wasn’t enough. About the same time that they brought on Ingels to design the massive rental building, they also commission artist Stephen Glassman to create a sculpture for the building. This week the developers unveiled the large, eight-story creation titled, Flows Two Ways, which is anchored to the facade by the main entrance to Via.

The work was inspired by the Hudson River, and Glassman decided to name it after a loose translation of the Native American name for the river, "Muh-he-kunne-tuk," which means the river that flows both ways, Glassman explained in a statement. "Flows Two Ways expresses an enduring regard for earth and nature, a love of New York, and a spirit of creativity and generosity that is at the cornerstone of the Durst family," Glassman said, in a press release.

Photo by Chun Y. Lai courtesy of Stephen Glassman Studio

The sixty-by-sixty-foot sculpture is made out of aluminum, stainless steel, and rolled metal tubing, which is supposed to resemble the river’s movement. Moreover, the way you see the sculpture transforms during the course of the day and is supposed to resemble the Hudson’s glow during sunset. The massive sculpture weights 32,000 pounds.

"Stephen has made a career transforming the built environment, and Flows Two Ways will offer Far West Side residents and visitors a figurative east-facing river vista." Jonathan Durst, the president of the Durst Organization, said in a statement.

Durst’s 57 West complex comprises of Ingels’ Via, FXFOWLE’s Helena, which was completed in 2005, and the yet to be complete, Studio V Architecture designed rental, Frank. Glassman’s sculpture is located on the west wall of Helena, which in turn leads to the entrance of Via.

625 W 57th St

625 West 57th Street, Manhattan, NY 10019