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See the 10 Most Popular Pokemon Go Gyms in NYC

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A data-collection firm analyzed Pokemon Go players' behavior to find the results, which are hardly surprising

Pokemon Go has only been available to the general public for a little more than two weeks, but it’s already produced a mass following worldwide. Here in New York, it seems like you can’t walk a block in the city’s denser areas without stumbling on a few people playing the game. You can thank the city’s abundance of landmarks and public spaces, many of which have been designated as Pokespots or gyms—places where you can battle other players, find rare Pokemon, and collect points.

But which of those spots have proven most popular with users? "Location intelligence" firm Cuebiq looked at the behavior of 20,000 anonymous Pokemon Go users to glean some insights about the game—specifically, where and when people are playing, and where the most popular gyms are located throughout the city. (They analyzed data in the two weeks following the game’s June 30 launch date.)

And of course, Manhattan dominates when it comes to Pokemon Go players: all of the top ten gyms are located on the island, with most concentrated in Midtown (hardly surprising, considering the concentration of landmarks and popular public spots—Times Square, Bryant Park, Columbus Circle, and the like. (The game is probably also getting New Yorkers who wouldn’t ordinarily visit those spots to spend time their—not that we know from firsthand experience or anything.…) Players are mostly out between noon and 8 p.m., though there are also a surprising number who play in the early morning. (Workers and commuters probably make up those numbers.)

Granted, this is just based on one firm’s research, and things will surely change as the game’s popularity waxes and wanes—but if you want to engage in some big battles, these are the places you should probably go:

  1. The New York Times office
  2. Columbus Circle Globe
  3. Flatiron Building
  4. Times Square
  5. Google’s office at 111 Eighth Avenue
  6. St Paul’s Chapel
  7. James A. Farley Post Office
  8. Winter Garden Theatre
  9. Chrysler Building
  10. Bryant Park Fountain