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Versace’s Former UES Mansion Now Renting For Half Its Original Ask

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The limestone townhouse was originally asking $120,000

In case you needed further proof that the upper-upper-echelon of New York real estate is cooling off, here’s a prime example. The mansion once owned by the late fashion designer Gianni Versace hit the market in April as a rental asking $120,000. It’s back on the market this week with a substantially lower price: It’s going for $65,000, or nearly half of that original price.

Aside from the enormous pricechop, little else has changed about the mansion. The listings photos are the same, as is the broker (Corcoran) and the particulars of the home: There are still five bedrooms and six bathrooms spread out over six stories (and more than 14,000 square feet of space). It also comes fully furnished, so the over-the-top decor—velvet seating, gold detailing, marble all over the damn place—is also not gonna budge.